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If you want to become a business partner of the RICHMAN Investment Group, fill in the basic information about your company and send us an e-mail to info@richman.capital or below via the contact form
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If you are an expert in any of the areas below, we will be happy to establish long-term cooperation with you: 

1. We work with real estate agents that they are interested in selling and renting our real estate and the real estate of our clients on mutually advantageous conditions. After signing the contract, you will get access to iCloud, where you will find all information about the properties offered, including photos, plans, etc.

2. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of cooperating construction companies with which we participate in contracts for our important clients. If you provide quality services in the field of construction, we will be happy if you fill out our form and we will contact you. Due to the fact that we have our own construction company, which belongs to our investment group, we can take on part of your order within the cooperation and thus guarantee timely delivery and quality of work.

3. If you are in contact with an investment opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome any kind of cooperation. You can contact us if you have interesting real estate or business projects for sale, or if you are looking for a buyer for interesting investment offers.

4. As we have experience in various fields, such as real estate, IT, design, investment and construction, we can consult and advise on how to better implement certain projects in terms of future use. Our IT company can professionally design and implement even the most demanding orders.

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