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What is your dream We dream of a world where hard and honest work brings well-deserved results. That is why we always do our job as best we can. That's also why we decided to make a clip about 4 boys, each of whom had a dream. A dream you had to go and fight hard and not get out of the way, whatever it cost. It doesn't matter if you dream of a new Lamborghini, become a respected chef, be a just hand of the law, or have a happy family. Our clip shows that being a RICHMAN does not necessarily mean a big amount in a bank account, but it means going your own way and doing what you enjoy to the fullest. Thanks to that, RICHMAN can be any of us.

Our Projects

Jiránek's villa

The aim of the project was to purchase building plots of approximately 5,000 m2 and the adjacent, relatively large Brazilian forest, which extends to the natural monument of the river Rokytka. Land with forest has about 11,000 m2


The aim of the project was to change the 5 + 1 apartment in the center of Prague so that we could reconstruct it and change the layout of the apartment, which created 2 residential units. Subsequently, the two newly created units were used to bring the highest possible return

Na Bělidle 65

In the project Na Bělidle 65, Prague 5, we redesigned the layout of 3 housing units into 6, one unit remained unchanged. As part of the project, we did a complete reconstruction with the subsequent sale of 6 apartments


The aim was to change the Central Park Praha café into a luxury restaurant with the acquisition of all necessary permits and a complete redesign of the space, including design and furnishing with furniture and equipment.

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